H3 Tech Conference has ended
H3 Tech Conference, Latin America’s premier innovation conference where tech-hackers, the startup scene and the creative economy meet.

November 20 & 21, 2015
San Juan, Puerto Rico

avatar for Javier J. Hernández Acosta

Javier J. Hernández Acosta

Musician & Marketing Professor at Universidad del Sagrado Corazon
avatar for Celiena Adcock

Celiena Adcock

Industry Manager-Entertainment at Facebook
avatar for Ricardo Álvarez‐Díaz

Ricardo Álvarez‐Díaz

Architect, President & Co-Founder of Alvarez-Diaz & Villalon
avatar for Yamil Asusta

Yamil Asusta

Senior Software Engineer at Rebelmail
avatar for Alberto Bacó Bague

Alberto Bacó Bague

Director of the Puerto Rico Economic Development Bank
avatar for Nerma Albertorio Barnés

Nerma Albertorio Barnés

Co-Founder & Executive Director of Centro Para Emprendedores
avatar for David Bartolomei

David Bartolomei

Director of HackPR
avatar for Jorge Bauzá

Jorge Bauzá

Creative, Observer, Catalyst, Bullshit Radar Operator
avatar for Bill Beard

Bill Beard

Founder & Creative Director of Beard Branding
avatar for Reid Benson

Reid Benson

Head of Marketing at MasterClass
avatar for André Carlo

André Carlo

Digital Account Manager at Vuelo6
avatar for Carlos R. Cobián

Carlos R. Cobián

Cobian Media, LLC
Founder & CEO
avatar for Leslie Cofresí

Leslie Cofresí

Co-Founder of La Factoría
avatar for Denisse Rodríguez Colón

Denisse Rodríguez Colón

Director of Operations at Codetrotters
avatar for Perla Sofía Curbelo

Perla Sofía Curbelo

Founder of Agrochic & Creative Blogger
avatar for Marie Custodio-Collazo

Marie Custodio-Collazo

Co-Founder of Puerto Rico Women in Startups
avatar for Jeff Dyament

Jeff Dyament

Private Investor, Entreprenuer, Advisor of Institutional Consultants,...
avatar for Silvino Edward

Silvino Edward

Attorney, Consultant, Creative Director of Silvino Edward Díaz, Esq.
avatar for Melinda Briana Epler

Melinda Briana Epler

Founder & CEO of Change Catalyst
avatar for Xiomara Figueroa

Xiomara Figueroa

Co-Founder of Inlcude Girls
avatar for Lucienne Gigante

Lucienne Gigante

Social Innovator, Communications & Public Relations Leader, Founder...
avatar for Macarena Gil

Macarena Gil

Founder of Flow
avatar for Jonathan González

Jonathan González

Co-Founder & CEO of Kytelabs
avatar for Juan Pablo Gutierrez

Juan Pablo Gutierrez

Founder of Lab 787
avatar for Gabriel Hernández

Gabriel Hernández

Co-Founder of BDO
avatar for Froilán Irizarry

Froilán Irizarry

Co-Founder of Killer Rabbit Labs & Creative Genius
avatar for Dyanis De Jesús

Dyanis De Jesús

Creative Entrepreneur & Design Strategy Consultant
avatar for Edgardo Jiménez

Edgardo Jiménez

Digital Marketing Strategist of Viviré
avatar for Brian Kalma

Brian Kalma

Co-Founder of Blade Travel & Creative Genius
avatar for Ken Kay

Ken Kay

Founder and Chairman of San Juan Tech Meetup
avatar for Gary Bonilla Latoni

Gary Bonilla Latoni

Global Strategies Leader
avatar for Angiemille Latorre

Angiemille Latorre

Co-Founder of Seriously Creative
avatar for Mauricio Lizama

Mauricio Lizama

Assistive Technology Design and Development Coordinator of Puerto...
avatar for Victor Lleras

Victor Lleras

Chief Strategic Innovator & Agent Provocateur in Perpetual Motion...
avatar for Kacho López Mari

Kacho López Mari

Co-Founder of Zapatero Films
avatar for Javier de Jesús Martínez

Javier de Jesús Martínez

La'gencia Open Innovation Founder, USC Innovation Center
avatar for Matilsha Marxuach

Matilsha Marxuach

Founder & Chief Designer of Concalma
avatar for Lylan Masterman

Lylan Masterman

Venture Capital Investor at White Star Capital
avatar for Diego Molino

Diego Molino

Co-Founder & Commercial VP of Ubiqua
avatar for Victor Monserrate

Victor Monserrate

VM Design Studio
avatar for Dana Montenegro

Dana Montenegro

Puerto Rico, United States
avatar for Eduardo Carrera Morales

Eduardo Carrera Morales

President of Boys and Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico
avatar for Manny Morales

Manny Morales

Founder & Chief Hustling Officer
avatar for Emmanuel Oquendo

Emmanuel Oquendo

Founder of Platform Inc.
avatar for Luis O. Pérez

Luis O. Pérez

Sales & Marketing Director of Technology Partners
avatar for Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri

Melissa Perri
CEO of ProdUX Labs
avatar for Miguel Rios

Miguel Rios

Engineering Manager at Twitter
avatar for Myrna Rivera

Myrna Rivera

Founder & CEO of Consultiva Internacional, Inc.
avatar for Tania Cristina Robles

Tania Cristina Robles

Fashion Entrepreneur & Founder of Fashion Lab & Treneur
avatar for Fernando J. Rovira-Rullán

Fernando J. Rovira-Rullán

Capital Member & Chair of the Corporate Department
avatar for Isabel Rullán

Isabel Rullán

Co-Founder & Co-Managing Director of ConPRmetidos
avatar for Sofia Stolberg

Sofia Stolberg

Co-Founder of Piloto 151
avatar for Wayne Sutton

Wayne Sutton

Serial Entrepreneur & General Partner a BuildUp.vc
avatar for Alan Taveras

Alan Taveras

Co-Founder/ Creative director of Brands of Puerto Rico / TresEpic
avatar for Eugenio Torres

Eugenio Torres

Co-Founder & Intellectual Property Department Chair, Ferraiuoli LLC
avatar for Mikephillipe Oliveros Vélez

Mikephillipe Oliveros Vélez

Co-Founder of Teatro Breve
avatar for Sebastian Vidal

Sebastian Vidal

Executive Director of the New Startup Program of Puerto Rico
avatar for Justin Wilcox

Justin Wilcox

Founder of Customer Development Labs